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"For me, being a therapist is
a love of mine. I am passionate about what I do."


 Doctoral Training

Shellyann enjoys research! During her dissertation process, she was able to navigate & test theories that will later support the communities she serves. As an African-Caribbean American she hopes to be a support especially for Black communities, providing awareness on how mental health is so important for their overall health. 

  • Florida Atlantic University

  • Nova Southeastern University

  • University of Louisiana @ Monroe

Professional Affiliations
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


  • Taoist Tai- Chi Association 

  • Black Mental Wellness Corporation

  • Headway/ Therapy Match Inc.                        

Shellyann graduated from Florida Atlantic University where she earned her degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Psychology. She then went to Nova Southeastern University where She received a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy & during that entire time worked as an educator for several years within Broward County Public Schools. Following that She worked with nearly several agencies which included mental health clinics, various behavioral schools, Department of Children & Families, & group homes. Shellyann originally got her start at her local police department as a Juvenile Counselor 12 years ago & has been moving further within her career ever since. At risk youth & families is where she began & what  she loves. The clients she has encountered on her  journey typically are diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, & Trauma related disorders.


In her work , whether you are a child or an adult, Shellyann actively listens to gather where you are within your story. She has come to discover that depending on our life experiences per our relationships with others & the environment we come from, that it all plays an integral piece to what makes us who we are today. Shellyann's goal as a therapist is to be that guide in affording you the ability to see what chapter you are in currently.  To also work through in session how to create a story with the art ( meaning your life, whether you think its ugly or not) to be beautiful enough for you to want to hang it on your wall again. Her hope for families is that you're able to thrive despite your painting appearing to be not as beautiful as you had hoped, but finding that its what got you here today with the ability to have the strength to say, I want some new colors, I want to thrive. Shellyann finds that we as people can do anything with the right support systems in place & by you looking at this page maybe you feel that  way too. 

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