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Be intentional with your journey to happiness. Your intentions have the opportunity to be your manifestations.


Meet Shellyann Moore-Hines Thomas

Welcome! My name is Shellyann and I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist where I specialize in Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism & Childhood Adolescent Trauma, as well as Chronic Health issues within Adults that may have a direct effect on their mental well-being which at times can later affect their physical bodies or vice versa. I aim to be a support for my clients who have displayed such bravery to begin such a very intimate process.


I work holistically in advocating for the Whole of a person to communicate effectively, assisting in providing relief to my clients with my credentials in Complex Trauma, Behavior Analysis, Hypnotherapy & Equine Therapy just to name a few. Our bodies & minds have the ability to provide us with what I call beautiful insight into our own strengths in healing.


In my 12 years of experience within the field of both counseling & education, I have learned that so many people are experiencing pain that can at times keep them silent which can later create problems in their personal life. My goal as a therapist is to be a guide & create a space for my clients to have the ability to see that they can THRIVE!

Practice Areas

Doctor Thomas' Areas of Specialty

Top 3 areas of Specialty are listed below as well as additional community resources that are also offered.


Children & Adolescents / Family Therapy

Children are at the heart of Shellyann & her community partners. She began as both an educator for several years as well as a counselor. Now Family counseling point blank is a roller coaster of sparkling perspectives, emotions, & just a bunch of interesting moving parts that make every family she works with intriguing. Families who struggle thriving together reach points where they may begin to separate. Family Counseling can be such a support to families who feel they may have hit a hurdle.  Family counseling takes dedication, but once you show up to that first session the sky is the limit.


Psychological Evaluations/ Court Appearances

If you are an attorney within the Family Law Sector & would like an evaluation for your clients, custody issues or GAL assistance, inquire here. 


So many adults are dealing with so much whether it be anxiety, depression, or personality diagnosis such as bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. Others receive diagnosis that effect their physical bodies where they have to live a life different from others. This can play on both your emotional & physical health that in her own personal experience this therapist understands that support is needed for these individuals & their caregivers. If this is you or a loved one Your Narrative would love to support. 


Autism & Behavioral Therapy

As a Behavior Analyst Shellyann loves her work with Autistic Families along with those with additional behavior concerns such as ADHD, ODD, etc. If these are more so your concern Your Narrative offers an online skills  program that you can do from the comfort of your home. Inquire about New Age ABA Today.



Hypnosis by Milton Erickson is definitely a healing  practice. In hypnotherapy one would be taking a deeper look into feelings & thoughts that may have created some behaviors that they do not understand, but would like to overcome. I often say the mind is so powerful that just as well as life stress can create a difficulty in our ability to function, we can also learn the ability to overcome. The practice is beautiful & many people find relief as well as learn how to support themselves when invoking this .


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